Want to know what "bu ibu" means in Igbo? View the translations below.

-bù íbù

Translates to
[to be] big 


above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent
"a large city"
"set out for the big city"
"a large sum"
"a big (or large) barn"
"a large family"
"big businesses"
"a big expenditure"
"a large number of newspapers"
"a big group of scientists"
"large areas of the world"

ma mgbe mkpụrụ a toro, ọ na-adị ukwuu karịa ihe nile a kụrụ nꞌubi. Ọ na-aghọ osisi buru ibu, nke ụmụ nnụnụ na-arụ akwụ ha nꞌalaka ya.”

but when the seed is grown, it is greater than all the seeds. It becomes a large tree, which the birds nest in the nest. ”

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