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posing no difficulty; requiring little effort
"an easy job"
"an easy problem"
"an easy victory"
"the house is easy to heat"
"satisfied with easy answers"
"took the easy way out of his dilemma"

Unu echekwala nꞌobi unu na ọ dịrị unu mfe ịsị, ‘Anyị bụ ụmụ Eberaham’, nꞌihi na Chineke pụrụ isite na nkume ndị a mepụtara Eberaham ụmụ.

And do not think that it is easy for you to say, 'We are the children of Abraham', because God can bring these stones from the place of the sons of Abraham.

“Ụzọ dị warara na-eduba nꞌeluigwe. Site na ya baa. Ụzọ dị obosara na-eduba nꞌọkụ. Ọtụtụ mmadụ na-esoro ya nꞌihi na ọ dị mfe.

“The narrow way leads to heaven. From there it goes. The wide road leads to the fireplace. Lots of people follow him because it's easy.

Nꞌihi na ụzọ m dị mfe, ibu m ga-ebokwasịkwa unu adịghị arọ.”

For my way is easy and my burden is heavy on YOU. ”

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